Quick Sound Switch

Version 2.11

- freeware -  

Download Version 2.11:     QuickSoundSwitch.exe  (english + german / 108 kb)

(Windows 2000+XP / 11. feb. 2007 )

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Older versions:

Version 2.1:     QuickSoundSwitch.exe  (english+german / 107 kb)

Version 2.0.2:     QuickSoundSwitch.exe  (english+german / 104 kb)

Version 2.0.1:     QuickSoundSwitch.exe  (english / 104 kb)

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What is QuickSoundSwitch?

QuickSoundSwitch is a small System Tray tool, which allows you to switch the default sound device with only one click.

It is useful for PCs with more than one soundcard (or for example soundcard + usb headset..)!

A lot of windows programs like games, media players etc. are using the default windows sound device.

So, since I got two soundcards in my computer, I really got pissed about changeing the output device in the Control Panel all the time.

I was searching the web, but could not find a program to get rid of this..

new in Version 2.0

command line support,

Detailed volume-settings (wave, midi, microphone..) for each soundcard on startup and/or shutdown.

shortcut wizzard to auto. change soundcard on your special applications,

multi-soundcard - volume control

Soundcard niknames,





Main dialog


Settings dialog


Multi volume control (System Tray)


Volume Mixer

(You can cycle through the Soundcards + restore a saved Profile on startup)


Shortcut wizzard (drag & drop)


Hotkeys configuration dialog



Command line parameter:


QuickSoundSwitch.exe D=Devicename, V=Volume, R=Program, P=Program parameter

D= Soundcard name or number (to make default)
V= Volume wave + speaker (0-100) (optional)
R= (Run program when Settings are made
P= Program parameter (only allowed with parameter R= ) (optional)


Two examples:

Make the SoundBlaster Live! default, set the volume to 100% and exit:

..\QuickSoundSwitch.exe D=SoundBlaster Live! V=100


Make the USB-Headset default, set volume to 85% and run skype after that :

..\QuickSoundSwitch.exe D=USB Headset C-Media V=85 P=C:\Programme\Skype\Skype.exe




Even with this utility, most Windows programs canít switch audio devices while running.

Windows Media Player, for example, will play onto the selected playback device when it starts up, and will continue outputting to it even if you switch devices while itís running.

So, this utility saves you the trip to the Control Panel to change audio devices, but you still need to restart any audio programs you may have already opened in order for the switch to affect them.

But Version 2.0 comes with a "Shortcut wizzard" to solve this problem: It creates shortcuts to your Application / Game .. which automatically switches the Soundcard even before the App. / Game starts.



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Version history:

  • Version 2.11 (11. feb..2007)

    - fixed bug in shortcut wizzard.

  • Version 2.1 (09. Dec..2006)

    - Customizable notify sound on soundcard-switch

    - Notify sound can now beeing played on all soundcards (not only the default device anymore)

    - Automatic detection of soundcard-changes.

    - New minimum requirements: DirectX8 or higher.

  • Version 2.0.2 (04. Nov..2006)

    -Multi language version (automatic Windows language detection). From now on, there will be only one Program version vor all languages.

    - New optional command line parameter [English] / [German] to set the language manually (default = Autodetect).

    -Fixed "crash - bug" in the shortcut wizzard

    -small changes in almost every dialog ;-)


  • Version 2.0.1 (31. Oct .2006)
    • Small changes in den Mixer Dialog
    • fixed some Error-handling


  • Version 2.0 (25. Oct .2006)

    - New: Shortcut Wizzard to auto-switch devices before starting your sound application, game etc.

    - New: You can now set Niknames for your Soundcards (like: "My Headset")

    - New: Detailed volume control settings (speaker, wave, midi, microphone..) for all soundcards on startup and shutdown.

    - New: Hotkey wizzard

    - New: Command line parameter (In command line modeQuickSoundSwitch is shutting down when settings are made!)


  • Version 1.03a (10. Oct .2006) Download version 1.03a  (66 kb)
    - New: Set WAV output soundvolume for all cards.

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